So, what happens in a suspension service?

When your suspension comes to Fast Bike Industries for a suspension service it means that your fork/shock is going to be disassembled by a trained technician and assessed for any issues with functionality and wear and tear on the product. Before taking anything apart, it needs to be cleaned in to ensure no dust and dirt particles get inside. The fork/shock is then cleaned, settings are recorded so they can be set to where you had them before, and disassembled. Now we are on to the main part of the rebuild process which is replacing all of the seals, fluids, and gases. To do that they all have to be removed properly with specialized tools, being careful not to scratch any of the interior surfaces. The internals of the forks/shocks are then cleaned again in an industrial parts washer to get rid of any debris & broken down oil stuck inside. The internals are then put back together with new seals, o-rings, and dust wipers in place and is ready to be vacuum filled and put back together. The fork/shock is then tested for functionality on our Dyno. The recorded settings are then restored back to the shock, wiped down, and we notify you when it is ready to be shipped back or picked up.

Regular maintenance…
From a young age, all of us have heard and know that you have to change the oil in your car regularly to have it continue to work properly and avoid damage. Suspension systems are not any different in that they are simply a piston moving through oil. Over time that oil breaks down and degrades as well as accumulates particulate from the outside such as dust & dirt.
Regularly maintaining your suspension not only keeps you riding your bike at its best but also cuts down on the possibility of internal damage as well as wear & tear.

Please send a message to the MTB department with any questions.

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Single Crown- non travel adjust - $160 retail
Single Crown- Adjustable Travel- $180 retail
Dual Crown (DH) -------------------  $180 retail
Basic Lubricating fluid and dust wiper/seal change $50+cost of wipers (avg. $30)

Standard air non-piggy back --$160 retail
Twin Tube non-piggy back----- $180 retail
Reservoir shocks----------------- $180 retail

(Prices include standard service parts and oil; any extra issues will be discussed when discovered before any more work is done)

Applicable tax not included, shipping not included.