Position Title: Suspension Service Technical Supervisor / Lead Service Technician

Reports to: General Manager

Summary of Position:

Fast Bike Industries is seeking a qualified candidate for the Motorcycle Suspension Service Technical Supervisor / Lead Service Technician position to oversee both the technical and non-technical work activities of our professional motorcycle service operation.  This position is a dual role within a growing company and the ideal candidate will be interested in developing and maximizing efficiency of the entire service operation.  The company anticipates successful growth and will require hiring a support position for this role in the future.  Technical suspension services will be offered exclusively for the suspension brands we sell and distribute; these currently include Nitron USA, Andreani Group, Ohlins, and K-Tech.  The ideal candidate will be technically proficient in suspension service and will have a deep understanding of the many tasks and processes required to provide quality, high-end suspension service work.  Specialized and brand-specific technical service training will be provided during our onboarding process.  

Non-technical work activities are vital to the success of our service operation and are the primary driver for growth.  The ideal candidate will be skilled and fully able to enhance and refine business processes and systems.  A major emphasis is placed on being able to provide exceptional customer service, the ability to complete administrative reports and other administrative tasks in support of the General Manager.  Administrative training will be provided on tasks in our accounting software, Xero, including producing quotes, invoices and other processes.  


Technical Qualifications
- Previous experience in technical motorcycle suspension service and maintenance work
- Understanding of basic suspension dynamics
- Familiarity of various motorcycle segments: Harley-Davidson, MX and Sportbikes
- Knowledge in removing and installing suspension components
- Understanding of specification cards and how springs and valving components operate

Small Business Experience
- A team-oriented approach to work and ability to help the business grow and overcome growing-pains.
- Previous experience developing and/or refining business systems and processes including inventory/  
  parts ordering management, customer service development, budgeting, and reporting key financial metrics.
- Ability to enter invoices and updating customers on status of service work. 
- Ability to operate autonomously and prioritize workflows for technical service work.
- Ability to develop, manage and refine above mentioned business processes.
- Ability and interest in training, managing and developing future talent as the company  grows.
- A dedication to the Mission, Vision and Values of the company.

Preferred Candidate Qualifications
- An absolute commitment to providing excellent customer service.
- Deep understanding and interest in developing and/or refining internal business processes.
- Previous specialized suspension training and high-level industry work experience.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Technical Activities

Suspension Service / Maintenance / Upgrades:

- Majority of our work is shipped direct to the shop

- Removing suspension components from packaging and perform work, re-boxing and shipping

- Contact customer to information that parts have arrived at shop

- Simple exterior and service form inspection to note on quote/ invoice

- Disassembly, Clean and full inspection to do accurate quote

Non-Technical Activities

Customer Service:
Professional correspondence with customers is vital to the success of the company.  Phone calls, emails and other forms of communication represent the company and the ideal candidate will understand the importance of timely and thorough communication to our valued customers.  Setting accurate expectations with customers in regard to our value, prices, service turn-around time and other aspects is requisite for success in the position.  

Inventory Management / Parts Ordering:
Proper inventory management of common replacement parts, kits, and even tools enables the company to provide quality work and quick service-turnarounds – one of the many advantages for customers to choose us over the competition.  The position is responsible for managing this process and informing the General Manager of upcoming opportunities and challenges to meet customer demand and the shop’s needs.  The position will work closely with the Owner to understand the working relationships and best approach for technical communication and ordering from the brands the company sells.  

Utilizing Service Operation Budget:
Operating with key financial metrics in mind is also vital to the growth and success of the company.  The ideal candidate will be able to track shop expenditures and provide updates to the General Manager.  

This position requires some weekends away at events, although this is infrequent. A two-day weekend event is a requirement from time to time and the company will provide one day off during the week to compensate for this time.   

Being a Team Member:
The ideal candidate will fully understand how to be a team member in our professional shop and will respect the need to always maintain a clean office, workshop and working environment, i.e., emptying trash, bring boxes to recycle, wipe down tools and counter tops, and other basic activities that contribute to a professional workplace.  
Professional conduct and communication to the Owner and General Manager is requisite for success in the position.      
All company employees are expected to dress in professional attire relevant to their job function.  Clean jeans, work pants, and t-shirts are appropriate for technical work positions.  All employees are expected to be well-groomed and may be addressed at the discretion of the Owner.  
Position will also be responsible for other tasks as assigned.  


Starting hourly position rate is $25 per hour.  Compensation varies with candidate experience.  A 60-day performance review will be conducted by the Owner and General Manager to determine eligibility for a pay increase, and revised performance goals may be developed at that time for the position to perform to.  


We currently do not offer benefits such as health, dental or life insurance.  The company will provide five (5) days of paid time off each year.  These days can be used as paid personal leave or sick days.  They do not accumulate and any unused days will be considered forfeited as of December 31.  These days are available to all employees after the sixty-day evaluation period and successful completion of the initial performance review.   

All resumes must be emailed to info@fastbikeindustries.com