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Fast Bike Industries can build custom Ohlins shocks and fork kits to most applications using high quality Ohlins components.

David Behrend, owner of FBI, spent years working for Ohlins USA, designing and building suspension components for new applications. His training was completed in Sweden at Ohlins AB.

Pricing is based on the application, so please email or call for a quote.

As the North American distributor of Andreani Group and Nitron Suspension and dealer for Öhlins and K-Tech, our service work is dedicated to the installation and maintenance of only these specific brands.

Please contact our moto service department with any question about your specific needs.

How do I pack my forks and/or shock for shipment?

Depends on the size of your fork and/or shock you are about to ship we recommend you pack it in a suitable box; wrap the items in bubble wrap, then add some packing material on all sides of the box as you are packing the item in where the items will not damage each other nor they have room to move while shipping which can cause the item to puncture the box and get exposed to damage.

What is the best way to ship these items?
Please use UPS or FedEx and do not forget to add the appropriate amount of insurance to
replace your items if they get lost or damaged beyond repair during shipping.

  • In many cases you may want to ship the forks in a separate box than the shock to avoid any damages.

  • What do I include in the package with my forks and shock? Include your items to be serviced/repaired as well as a service form.

You need to print a service form, which you will find on our website, then fill that completely with all information required and if you have any special requests or information such as any important history of the item that will aid us to understand a problem, please include that on the form as well.


  • Technicians first do an external inspection and check for leaks, wear and general overall inspection
  • This external inspection includes checking spring preload and free length, clicker position and overall length
  • The next step is a complete dis-assembley of the shock and complete cleaning of all components and inspection for wear or fatigue.
  • Some components may require replacement such as piston bands or o-rings.
  • After inspection a re-assembly is done using only high quality Ohlins suspension oil, grease, and parts.
  • All parts are torqued and assembled to spec and recharged with nitrogen.
  • The shock then has a spring re-installed and preloaded properly and all the adjusters are pre-set.
  • The shock is then sent back to you and is ready to ride!


  • The first thing that gets done is communication as to what the rider needs, feels, or wants from the bike. From that we see what you are starting with (spring rates, settings, adjuster position, rider heights, tires, etc.) and a plan is made to re-valve and possibly re-spring your suspension to offer the best feeling of balance, control, and compliance which will ultimately give you the best suspension performance possible.
  • After cleaning and inspection of all internal and external parts for wear and fatigue, your shock or front forks are custom valved to your riding style, ability level, or racing application.
  • The shock or forks are re-assembled with high quality Ohlins suspension oil, grease and parts. All adjusters are pre-set and springs are installed (note: springs may need to be changed at time of re-valve) with proper preload.
  • The next step is everything is sent back out to you and they are ready to ride!


  • These kits improve the dynamic function of your fork and are custom tuned for each bike and rider.
  • Your bike will have over-all better feeling from the front tire, this will let you be able to gain more confidence and enable you to brake deeper and harder into the corner.
  • These kits are the best "cost effective" way to improve the function from your front fork.
  • The fork will have a full service done to them when the 20mm kits are installed.


  • The "FGK" kits are a full kit that we remove all the components in stock fork and install a complete Ohlins 25mm cartridge.
  • These kits are for the rider who wants the best out of there front end of their bikes.


  • Fast Bike Industries has these kits for many different applications. Please email us for your application.



Our prices include all Ohlins high quality suspension fluids, grease and cleaners -  Note: Service prices do not include parts such as piston bands, o-rings, springs, etc. These parts are only replaced as needed. All seal kits, dust wipers, bushings & small parts are sold separately.


                     TTX36 (Roadracing shock)                                

Complete service and / or revalve


                  TTX44 (MX/Off-road Shock)                             

Complete service and  / or revalve


                     ST46 (Standard Ohlins shock)                           

Complete service and / or revalve


                      BMW Front and Rear Shocks                             

Complete front and rear service


                     Ohlins Road & Track Forks                               

Complete service and / or revalve


Ohlins MX forks / MX Gas charged TTX Forks   

Complete service and / or revalve 

Note: Hydraulic preload adjuster service

Öhlins  -  Andreani  -  Nitron  -  K-Tech

Front fork cartridge installation into stock forks - 

Please note some jobs require extra work -

Bike set-up, Sag Check -

We lower, revalve and build custom forks and shocks - Prices vary per application Please contact us for proper quote.