VACUUM PUMP SP2    $2790

This machine is made to vacuum shocks using the switches on the front of the machine. The process occurs manually by driving the appropriate hydraulic controls. The machine has two manometers: the first one to verify the oil pressure; the second one to verify the vacuum inside the shock absorber (Vacuometer). The Vacuum Pump is provided of two identical tanks to use two different kinds of oil or to keep one for the used oil without opening the shock absorber. Easy to carry with two practical handles located on the sides of the machine.

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VACUUM PUMP SP5    $4790

Light and easy to carry, SP5 is the most innovative vacuum pump that Andreani Group developed to make easier, more precise and more efficient the filling and vacuuming of shock absorbers of any kind and brand. The process is totally automated, thanks to an easy-to-use and extremely efficient software provided of a more friendly interface to follow all the steps thru a wide touch screen display that checks the process in real time with information and intuitive graphical. All the standards are managed by the advanced electronic system, including the oil level in the two inner tanks that are big enough to work also with cars shock absorbers. On top of the machine there is a handy space used to store working tools.


This pump allows to vacuum and fill all shocks automatically, with an easy-to-use software, and to control all passages thru a display located on the front of the pump. The pump is provided of two identical tanks, to select the kind of oil that can be used for the filling process. The proper capacity of the tanks allows to work with car shock absorbers, as well. Large tool compartment on top. Vacuum Pump SP4 is light and easy to carry with two practical handles located on the sides of the machine.